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Burials at Sea

(casting of cremains)

Saying farewell to a departed loved one is never easy. There is a deep sense of loss and a desire to honor the memory of the person we love. One unique way to honor a loved one is through burial at sea a celebration of life.

Burials at sea can be traced back thousands of years, with recorded instances of sea burials dating back as far as the ancient civilizations of the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. Sending off the departed through the waters symbolizes the end of physical life and the beginning of spiritual rebirth.

Who can get buried at sea?

Anyone can be buried at sea and this option is chosen for many reasons.

  • Religious
  • Former members of the military
  • Love of the water; sailors, boaters, or sportsman.
  • Environmental

Cremains may be cast or placed in a bio-degradable pillow or container.

Holiday Boat Charters is proud of over 40 years of providing professional, dignified burials at sea.